CTA-RGV is a local chapter of Call to Action (CTA), a national
organization that began in 1976 as an outgrowth of the
United States Conference of Bishops’ Call to Action
Conference.  At the conference, more than 100 bishops
were among the 1,340 voting delegates and the 1,500
observers. At the end of three days of discussion and
debate, the assembly declared “the church must stand up
to the chronic racism, sexism, militarism, and poverty in
modern society. And to do so in a credible way the church
must reevaluate its positions on issues like celibacy for
priests, the male-only clergy, homosexuality, birth control,
and the involvement of every level of the church in
important decisions.”
The local chapter of CTA began in 1999 in McAllen, Texas, and was founded to encourage
the administration of the Diocese of Brownsville to effect a full, open, and just resolution of
the clergy sex abuse scandal in the diocese (see
Protect God's Children).  The organization
also calls upon the diocesan administration to conduct its affairs, particularly its financial
ones, with greater transparency and accountability to the faithful of the Rio Grande Valley.  
Bishop Raymundo Peña, who retired in early 2010, was not responsive to either of these
In June, 2003, CTA-RGV began to grow in size after Holy Spirit Parish in McAllen was thrown
into crisis as a newly appointed pastor attempted to fire all the employees (see
of the Spirit for more information).  In the following years the organization has continued to
work on its initial agenda and has expanded its efforts by cooperating with
Pax Christi USA
and the
JustChurch initiative of national Call to Action.
Call to Action-Rio Grande Valley  P.O. Box 3443 McAllen, TX 78502   ctargv@gmail.com
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But what is a Church after all but a community in which truth is shared, not a monopoly that dispenses it from the top down.  
Light travels on a two-way street in our Church; or I hope it does.
 Thomas Merton in a letter to Dorothy Day
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